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Flexicose for Pets

Having sold Flexicose for Pets for several years now, one of the nicest things we encounter are the success stories and conversations we have with our customers. It makes our day when we receive a testimonial telling us how Flexicose has helped their pet. As lifelong pet owners ourselves it's heartwarming knowing that a family member is not suffering unnecessarily. Read the testimonials. We know Flexicose for Pets works incredibly well for many pets suffering from joint problems and we hope it works as well for yours too.
Remember to rescue a pet from your local shelter. You're saving a life!

Flexicose reviews for pets, we love 'em'!

Have you've noticed as your dog or cat gets older, he or she seems to be getting slower? Does your pet seem to have trouble sitting down, getting up, climbing on the couch or hopping in the car? Limping is a sure sign of pain. Just as people do, it's no surprise that a great many family pets suffer from joint pain.

My PetsSometimes heredity plays a part, but normal wear and tear on joints occurs daily throughout your dog's life. Just like people, as your pet moves around, cartilage protects their bones and joints from friction. Glucosamine is a building block of cartilage necessary to maintain healthy joints.

That's why Flexicose has created pet formulas that contain guaranteedFlexicose for Pets levels of natural glucosamine. Taken daily, Flexicose JointCare for Pets can help your pet stay active and healthy for a long time to come. The benefits of Flexicose will be obvious after a couple of weeks. Inflammation and joint pain will dissipate and the health of your pet will noticeably improve. Just read the pet owner reviews. Flexicose has had tremendous success over many years treating dogs, cats, horses, and even pot belly pigs suffering joint pain from arthritis.

Flexicose is very easy to administer. Add it to their food or a special treat only once a day. The dose given is dependant upon your pets weight. Just the follow the chart included on the Flexicose label. Flexicose is safe, effective, and inexpensive for your pets health and well being. Order a bottle or 2 and see for yourself. Flexicose works, and we guarantee it!

Flexicose for Pets Reviews

Flexicose for Pets and FlexicosePlus for Pets
Flexicose Ingredients Per 1/4 oz. FlexicosePlus
1500 mg Glucosamine HCL & Glucosamine Sulfate 1500 mg
120 mg Chondroitin Sulfate 400 mg
1250 IU Vitamin A 80 UI
7.5 IU Vitamin E 2 UI
15 mg Vitamin C 0 mg
0.7 mg Manganese (Ascorbate) 5 mg
0 mg Hyaluronic Acid 5 mg
1600 mg Boswelliia Serrata Resin Extract 1700 mg
Yucca Root
Aloe Vera Gel
Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Flexicose For Pets Dosing Chart
Pet Weight Total Doses Daily Dose
1-10 lbs. 256 Doses 1/4 tsp.
11-40 lbs. 128 Doses 1/2 tsp.
41-100 lbs. 64 Doses 3/4 tsp.
100 lbs. + 32 Doses 1/4 oz.

Arthritis in Dogs and Cats
Arthritis in cats and dogs is as common as it is in people. While they can’t verbally express their discomfort, you’ll easily notice when they begin to slow down and show difficulty in doing things they easily did in the past. Difficulty getting up, a slight limp, perhaps they won’t jump up on the couch anymore. Any changes in their ability to move around may be a sign of arthritis developing. Causes are commonly genetic or from injury to the affected joint. A common genetic disease is hip dysplasia. Joint inflammation occurs when there are degenerative changes in malformed joints. Arthritis can also result from trauma, infection or immune-mediated disease such as rheumatoid arthritis.

If you suspect your pet is showing signs of arthritis, a trip to your vet can verify this. Pain relief may come from prescribed NSAIDs, (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Rimadyl or Deramax. These drugs are strong and effective painkillers and work well as an anti-inflammatory agent , but they also bring a long list of possible side effects to the treatment. Gastrointestinal problems, such as hemorrhaging or even ulcers are possible. Cats have it even worse because of their unique physiology, which doesn't always respond well to medicines that benefit dogs and humans. Most NSAIDs such as aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve and ibuprofen are toxic to cats because the feline liver is unable to break down and process the chemicals.

Consequently, cats can't rid themselves of the toxic byproducts of those chemicals. A single dose of aspirin or another NSAIDS can be fatal to a cat.


Approximately 25-30% of family pets suffer from osteoarthritis and many family pets suffer from joint pain. The stiffness, pain and swelling in a pet with arthritis is really no different than what you as a human being would experience, except our pets lack the ability to communicate their pain. So pet's do what they can by being less playful, hiding away, becoming more aggressive or simply refusing to be as active as before. This is not your pet's fault. Many times, older pets that have slowed down have degenerated cartilage in their joints, leading to pain that can be eased with Flexicose.

All testimonials for Flexicose for Pets sent to D and D Enterprises are kept on file. A special thanks to those who have shared their experience for others. All rights reserved.

Flexicose For Pets Reviews

January 11, 2013
Hi, I had stumbled on Flexicose when searching for something to give to my 9 year old ScottieScottie, Tobi, who had a torn ACL and subsequent surgery.  The vet advised 1500 mg of Glucosamine daily – I searched for various types of products but they were not friendly to his stomach.  I found Flexicose and it seemed to work well.  Well, poor memory on my part - I forgot to order it and ended up buying an “off the shelf” product from the local pet store.  Putting  Tobi on the other product was a “slam dunk” on proving to  me that Flexicose was sooo much better.    He went from being limber to having no energy, slower  and definitely had a harder time moving at the start of each day.   His digestive system didn’t appreciate the pills either.  The pills are gone and we are back with Flexicose.  It’s amazing!!! Within days his movement improved, he moves with more freedom and in the mornings he is frisky!!!  My happier Tobi is back and we aren’t running out of Flexicose again!
Tobi and BJ in SC.
(o o)------- ^
/ o \ --------))
  U  ||)))))))||
      /_\     /_\

October 15, 2013Maximus
Hello D and D Enterprises,
I've been a customer for a few years now (for my German Shepherd) and I gotta say, your service is impeccable!! Never any issues & the products are always shipped perfectly & fresh! And as a bonus, the Zukes dog treats that you send, are my Dog's (Maximus) favorite. Thank you for everything, I will always be your loyal customer & proudly recommend your company to anyone needing Flexicose.
Carilynn H.
Las Vegas, NV

March 05, 2013Harley
Our Great Dane, "Harley" just turned 10 years old.  He has been on Flexicose for a good number of years [see his 2010 'success story'] and is doing great! 
Thank you for a wonderful product - Harley will be on it for life!
Cary R.
Medway, MA

February 22, 2013
Thank you so much for your quick refund. You have a great company..always prompt with the delivery too. My dog never has touched a package on the table before. She did pull your package that I received from a previous order off the table. She knew her treats were in it and tore it open..it was so funny.
Kathy P.
Nipomo, CA

December 4, 2012Moose
Success Story
My yellow lab, Moose, celebrated his 9th birthday in August. He’s overweight, and showing signs of aging, but I KNOW that the Flexicose that I give him every day has prolonged his ability to move around relatively easily, even being an overweight baby. I’ve been giving him this stuff for years, and I’m a true believer in its effectiveness!
Shari Shelmadine J

June 6, 2012
Zeus and Bella
Zeus & Bella
………….more satisfied customers of D & D
Special thanks to their mom Pam T. of Petaluma, CA for sharing their picture.

May 23, 2012
As always thank you! I now have my 2 rescue Danes on Flexicose and their lives have been enriched greatly!

Editors note: We asked Stacey for permission to publish. allie.and.op
Oh no problemo! We are dedicated Flexicose fans, and D&D fans! My girl is 7 years old and runs and plays like the 2 year olds.  I have attached a picture of her at the beach taken last weekend. My male is 3 , who suffers from ACL injury. Since discovering Flexicose a year ago, he runs and plays like a happy boy! Flexicose has defintely made an impact on the quality of their life, and we will forever be fans! They look forward to their "treat" at dinner time!

January 24, 2012
YA'LL ARE THE BEST! Just ordering my monthly supply!
My Dane is on 1/4 dosage for his ACL injury and he is doing fabulous!
Stacey M. Houston TX

November 22, 2011
One word AMAZING!
Our 18 year old house cat couldn’t jump any longer UNTIL we purchased FLEXICOSE it was amazing! It took a couple of weeks then wow our cat jumps and is way more active than he has been for years!
Thanks FLEXICOSE for improving our cats golden years!
We would highly recommend to anyone!
Jeremy and Mary Smith

August 10, 2011
This is a excellent product. In just about a week now, I have noticed a very big difference in my dogs ability to walk with out pain. I saw her run for the first time in months. I will tell everyone i know how great this product is. You have a customer for life now because I have other dogs and will always have dogs.
Thank you for selling such a great product.
Dan C.
La Farge WI

August 6, 2011
When I was about to lose all hope for my gentle giant, I found Flexicose!
I have a 6 1/2 year old giant schnauzer who has gone through the agonizing pain of a torn ACL for about 8 months. I couldn't afford the surgery so I did my research. I was out of options so I took him back to the vet. After their recommendation of an alternative chow and a once a month injection did not work I took him off their regimen. I did more research and found Flexicose. He constantly limped when he got up from lying down, he tippy toed all the time, and could hardly climb 2 steps in the back yard. After a month I could see a difference. He stopped tippy toeing and got up from lying down much better than before. After two months he could climb up and down steps. Now he is on the third month and he plays like a pup. His limp is hardly noticeable and most times I can't see a limp. I will continue to buy this and recommend it to anyone! I have already recommended it to two people. One of which is having success with it too.
Thanks Flexicose!
New Mexico

Update 08/06/2011
My gentle giant is still on the Flexicose and is doing great. I noticed the joint inflamation has gone down tremendously. Before Flexicose the vet told me he may get some arthritis and that the joint is inflamed and nothing could be done except surgery or a lot of rest. Giant Schnauzers don't like to rest a lot either. Low and behold the inflamation has gone down and his knee is close to the original size. Thanks again Flexicose
New Mexico

July 14, 2011
Our older, slightly overweight cat was having trouble going up and down the stairs. After being on Flexicose, she is doing much better. My son even saw her run down the stairs the other day! Thank you!
KAW - Kansas

May 5, 2011
My vet told me my dog would need surgery on his knee. Not wanting to put him through that I started him on Flexicose. Within a month he was walking better and not favoring his leg. That was two years ago. He is now 13 years old and going strong.
Ray G. - New Jersey

April 8, 2011
Success Story…
Our 8-year pup Wasatch has suffered from arthritis for a couple years now.  Being such a young dog, it has always been difficult for us to see him in pain.  Rimadyl works well but we worried about long-term damage to his health.  We tried other glucosamine products in the past but Wasatch always grew tired of them and would refuse to take his medicine no matter how we disguised it.  After two months on Flexicose he still eagerly trots to his food bowl every morning and his recovery time after vigorous running has really been shortened.  Before Flexicose he would be hobbled for days after a 30-45 minute hike/run through the woods.  Now he’s sore that evening but has fully recovered by the morning.
Matthew S.
North Carolina

January 2, 2011
I want to thank you for a wonderful product and service.  Ordering is easy, fast and delivery is quick.
Our 11 yr old (soon to be 12) Doberman, Nina, was diagnosed with Wobblers syndrome almost 2 year ago.  She had difficulty walking, unable to run, losing control of her back end and would fall.  She just didn’t have strength or control to get up on her own and even needed to be held up to “potty”.  She was started on steroids, she had terrible side effects.  Then she was on started an anti-inflammatory, again terrible side effects.  Not willing to give up on our wonderful Family member and after hours and hours of internet searching for the magic cure for the incurable I came across Flexicose.  I read through the reviews and testimonies on Flexicose. I was doubtful but had my fingers crossed as I ordered.
I was excited when it arrived, hopeful it would help, and a bit worried if she would like the taste, but she lapped it right up.  Doubled the dose for the couple of weeks as suggested, after just 5 days Nina was able to get up off her bed alone!!  She continued to improve, by the second week she was bringing us her ball to play.  We tried to keep her from running and jumping to no avail.  We are so glad to have our old puppy back!!
Thank you again for our magic cure, 
Lynette I., Indiana
P.S. A friend gave me a jug of another brand of liquid glucosamine.  I gave this to Nina, but after about 2 weeks we started noticing her old symptoms returning.  I quickly ordered more Flexicose and it arrived within a couple of days.  I doubled the dose as before and within days we had a sigh of relief when Nina was running through the yard again.  Nina will never again be without Flexicose!

December 20, 2010
Lewis and Clark's Story...
I wanted to share with you how your product has had an amazing affect on both dogs, but most especially Clark.  Three years ago Clark was diagnosed with Wobblers’ disease, causing him to "knuckle".  It had gotten so bad he could hardly get up from a laying position.  When he walked, he dragged his paw so much so he formed a nasty abrasion that at times would be almost to the bone.  It bled constantly because it was constantly being scraped open.  He had taken to lying in my walk-in closet for most of the time, coming out only to eat (sometimes) and to go outside to relief himself.  This fall we started to discuss his quality of life and were preparing ourselves to have him put down when it got to be too much for him to move around.  

I have researched this disease on numerous occasions and had found no real useful information.  He was already taking steroids and receiving massages from a friend that works with injured animals but he was still going downhill fast.  I made one last ditch effort into finding anything that could help Clark.  He is only 7 and is such a sweet guy; I didn't want to lose him just yet.  That was when I found your product online.  It had so many great reviews I figured I'd give it a shot.  I figured I had already wasted a lot of money on other products that didn't work, so why not try one more?
Within 2 weeks of taking Flexicose, my husband and I noticed an improvement.  The first picture was taken at that time.  His toe was already starting to heal.  The second picture is of his paw from last week.  

Within 2 1/2 months, his toe is almost completely healed.  He is much more flexible, as is Lewis.  Lewis developed arthritis in his knee joint due to a repaired torn ACL.  Both are as energetic and playful as they were when they were 3 or 4 (before their maladies).

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product.  It has saved Clark's life.
Thank you, thank you.
Nancy Miller

November 2, 2010
We have four dogs, one of them is a nine (9) year old standard poodle, who happens to be a cancer survivor.  He could hardly get up, we had to put rugs everywhere in the house so he would have something to grab, to get himself up.

Someone suggested I use Flexicose, so I ordered three bottles.  I checked with my vet and she said it was fine.  We were planning on taking a trip, and of course we always take our dogs with us. (we have a 37' motor home)  We really didn't think Pepe (poodle) would make it, he had a very difficult time getting up the stairs to the motor home.  We purchased a ramp for him, and we started off.  After two weeks on the Flexicose he was amazing!!!!!!!  He no longer needed the ramp and in fact jumped up the steps with no problem at all.

I recommend Flexicose to all our friends who have pets.  In fact I just gave a friend of ours my last bottle to try on her dog.  I just can't get over the difference it made in our Pepe.

I'm thinking I should put my other three dogs on the flexicose, as a preventative for their older age.
Thanks for having such a great product!!!!!!
Carole D.
Homosassa, Florida

October 19, 2010
I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful service you offer along with your superior product.
I ALWAYS receive my order within 2 days and I appreciate your special touch by adding dog treats in my package!
My dogs always sniff this out and let me know the order is for them before I even know!
Thanks for a great product and appreciate how easy it is to do business with you!
I've been a customer for about 2 years now-
Betty Leawood KS

August 18, 2010
We just received our order today and wanted to send a thank you for the extra goodies!!  We love Zukes thanks to you!! We started giving our Siberian Husky/Malamute mix flexicose about 2 years ago because he started going to daycare twice a week, we noticed him getting stiffer in his hind legs and when he would try to stand that night after daycare he would cry in pain.  Ever since starting with Flexicose he no longer cries or struggles to get up after a hard day of play with all his buddies at daycare.  I recommend your product to anyone that listens! Thank you very much!
Cheryl & Tyler (the husky/mal mix)

August 12, 2010
Just wanted to let you know how much I like your product and your service. Very fast shipping.  I have been giving Flexicose to my 6-1/2 year old male boxer, Bam, for about a year. He tore his cruciate ligament in his left knee about a year ago and I started giving him the Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine. He has been taking it for over a year.  I decided not to put him thru surgery due to the risks and financial reasons and we are using the "conservative management approach".  The knee has healed well.  About 3 months ago he tore the ligament in the other knee.  Since he has been on the Flexicose, this knee seems to be healing at a much faster pace than the other one. He has a long way to go before he can run again, but I feel the Flexicose has helped the healing process and the pain.  I would recommend this product to anyone.
Jacque H.-Michigan

August 10, 2010
I can't tell you how much this Flexicose means to our family. It's like liquid GOLD. Our lab is up and about in the mornings again before we are!
Thank you!
Patti C. Orange, CA

December 7, 2009
Recently, I ordered Flexicose for my 14 year old Rat Terrier.  I am absolutely amazed with the results.  "Freckles" was diagnosed with arthritis.  She had trouble walking, was limping and moving very slowly.  It was obvious she was in continual pain. She often just fell down and I hated to see her suffering so much.   I didn't think Freckles was going to be with us much longer.

A friend suggested I try Flexicose.  I started giving Freckles 1/4 teaspoon each day sprinkled on her dinner (dry dog food).  Within 2 weeks, we began seeing a remarkable difference.  Freckles has continued to improve and I just can't believe the change in her.  She is walking well and her limping is gone.  She is able to jump up on the couch once again.  The other day she even chased a squirrel in the back yard.

I now think Freckles is going to be with us for a long time.  Most important, she is a happy dog and pain free once again.
Thank you for your wonderful product.
Joanne L.
Tampa, Florida

P.S. I have never written a testimonial for any product, but this time I just had to let you know how pleased we are.

July 19, 2010
  I just wanted to say how great your product is!  My dog Jake has been on it (his Vet told me to put him on Glucosamine: 1500 mg per day).  Let me tell you, you can see the change in him!  He runs around now and is able to get into our SUV without help. Your product is so easy to use and give and let me tell you that means a lot! 
I'm so glad I found your product.
God bless you!!
Lynne K.
Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania

April 12, 2010
Dear Flexicose
Thank you for giving me my Bandit back! I was about to put him to sleep because his hips kept popping out. But now, he can run, jump, and play.
Bandit is a miniature Austrian Shepherd 1 Year 4 months old.
You have saved me a lot of money on vet bills.  
He is happy and healthy and he has been on Flexicose for about 45 Days now. It is a wonder drug.
Thank you so much.
Your friend for ever,
Mark K. Palm Coast FL.

August 18 2009
Thanks very much for your product, my dog is SO much better after just one month of use!
Donna & Alan K.
Weston, VT

September 25, 2009
I have a 14 ½ year old dog and this product is amazing. I also give him fish oil, but he had started losing some functioning in his hind end and what a difference the Flexicose makes! So you’ve got a terrific product. My vet is even surprised. He is on an arthritis medicine because his hips are not good and she is absolutely mystified why his lab work still comes thru not showing any sign of geriatric alteration. I swear it has to do with the stuff that’s in Flexicose. The MSM, the fish oil and the other stuff. It’s amazing and wonderful, and you will always have my business. Thank you very much.
Martha C
Southbury, CT.

January 29, 2009
I just wanted to thank you for your prompt shipping and for the dog biscuit treats. My dogs are delighted! My horses didn't much care for the biscuits :-) but their joints will be happy. I was so surprised to get my shipment so quick. This is my first time ordering with you and I certainly will order from you again. Prices are great and service is speedy. Thanks again.
Jacquie C.

July 12, 2010
Thank you, Thank you Thank you-
We just got our order for Flexicose for Pets. Your price is good, the delivery was so fast and to top it off there was a little baggie of milk bones for my dogs-Guenevere (English Mastiff) Krismas ( Yellow Lab) and Andy(who knows)…they are so excited!  They also got a bag of mini naturals that they are saving to give their Great Dane cousin who is in training and going to also start ordering from you guys-your great!
Thanks  again, Woof Woof!
Deborah P.
Ypsilanti MI

June 25, 2009
Thank you, Aly for your quick reply....Jaks is 14.5 years old - a Shep Mix ...FLEXICOSE is responsible for his still doing stairs as well as he does - Great product!
Martha - Connecticut

Thank you!
August 18 2009
Thanks very much for your product, my dog is SO much better after just one month of use!
Donna & Alan K.
Weston, VT


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