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Joint Pain in Dogs

Joint pain in dogs is as common as it is in people. Joints may exhibit mild inflammation and pain, to more severe joint diseases and debilitating symptoms. Proper diagnosis can lead to some simple remedies to ease your dog’s joint pain.

Many factors can lead to joint pain in dogs, many factors that are problematic with people Common risk factors would be an injury to a joint, obesity and a lack of exercise, nutrition, and in many breeds like Labradors and Great Danes, genetics are an inherent risk.

Most dog lovers are very aware of how their pet is feeling from day to day. So when we notice they may be favoring a leg with a slight limp, perhaps they are hesitant stand up on their front paws as before, or jump up on the couch, the reason could be joint pain. Limping is a sure sign of pain. Any or all of these can indicate an inflamed joint problem, and in some cases something more serious in nature.

Most people treating joint pain in their dog will want, something that relieves the pain, and certainly safe for their pet to take on a daily basis. There is no cure for arthritis in dogs or people, so daily treatment is necessary to keep inflammation and the pain at bay.

Many vets today are opting for natural joint care products for dogs and all pets. These come in the form of supplements, primarily glucosamine and chondroitin, given daily to your dog.

One of the best and highly recommended joint supplements for dogs is Flexicose for Pets. This formula is liquid, making dosing a breeze compared to pills. Flexicose contains high quality glucosamine and chondroitin along with several other arthritis/inflammation fighting ingredients.

Joint problems and suggested treatments

Dealing with any problems that cause you concern should be addressed by a veterinarian. To assure proper diagnosis and treatment do this as early as possible to avoid letting the situation progress. The sooner treatment begins, the sooner your dog is relieved of any pain he or she may be enduring.

Weight Control

Typical remedies in caring for problematic joints for dogs, is quite similar to that of people. If your dog is overweight, a few less pounds will make a huge difference in how much pressure is put on joints. I know it’s hard to resist those begging puppy dog eyes with a favorite treat, so give them what they want, just cut way back on the portion. Buy a high quality dog food that gives them all the nutrition their bodies require, and follow the recommended feeding amounts on the bag.


Next, you’ll want to exercise your pet. Gentle walks for dogs suffering from arthritis and joint pain will help warm and strengthen the affected joint, increasing mobility and decreasing the chances of joint pain in your dog. If your dog can run freely, they’ll love showing you around the area if you’ll go with them.
Be sure to buy a high quality glucosamine product to attack the inflammation. As mentioned earlier, liquid glucosamine product Flexicose for Pets is highly recommended and has been on the market since early 2000. Follow the dosing chart on the bottle for your dog’s weight and you’ll notice a difference in their ability to move freely without pain in a short period of time.


Anti-inflammatory drugs are still typically being prescribed by vets to relieve joint pain, however, many potential side effects, some quite serious if not deadly, are very concerning for all dog owners. This is why more and more veterinarians today going for a more natural dog joint care supplement. Studies have shown in people with moderate to severe arthritis pain the positive effects glucosamine has on joint pain. The study actually showed better results for those taking glucosamine than those on Celecoxib (Celebrex, an NSAID). Alleviating joint pain in your dog is now very safe and carries virtually no side effects.

Canine joint supplements like Flexicose can bring your pet back from a life of pain. Thousands of dog owners use Flexicose for Pets daily and the testimonials we receive are rewarding to hear. Joint Pain in Dogs has a remedy, and Flexicose for Pets is it.